Finnish Language

Finnish Language

As in any other country, knowledge of at least the basics of the Finnish language is required in practice in all workplaces. Some employers require a certain level of Finnish language skills, especially in tourism and the service sector, where employees are supposed to work with Finnish customers. The chance of getting a job in Kainuu often depend on your Finnish skills, so try to learn Finnish!

When introducing themselves or someone, Finns normally say their first name followed by their surname and first names are commonly used. Any titles they may have, are rarely mentioned when introducing themselves. In the Finnish language, the word “sinä” (you) generally used, not just between friends but among strangers too. In the workplaces people also address each other as “sinä”, even between employees and bosses. However, it is still polite to address elderly people by the formal second person plural (te) for example in service occupations.

Finnish courses

There are many ways to learn the Finnish language. The English degree programmes of Kajaani UAS include obligatory ‘Finnish for Foreigners’ courses for international students. Finnish language courses are also provided by adult education centres in Kajaani, e.g. Kaukametsä Adult Education Centre. Also use the practical training, the Finnish Friend Family Programme and other social activities as an opportunity to use and improve your Finnish language skills. Try to use it as often as possible in everyday situations, e.g. supermarkets, and it gets easier each time.

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