Cover Letter

Cover Letter

In the cover letter you emphasize your skills and know-how related to a certain job and its requirements. Highlight your personality and style and try to avoid standard phrases. It is important that you describe the additional value that you can bring to the job and that you show enthusiasm by telling about your motivation for applying. Remember to be truthful with anything you state. If the job add is in Finnish, also prepare application documents in Finnish. The cover letter should have a length of 1 page.

Your first name and last name                                                                Job application

Your Present Address
City, State, ZIP Code                                                                                    Date


Person’s Name
Employer Name
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City, State, ZIP Code


Reference to telephone conversation /newspaper advertisement


Dear (Mr., Ms., Dr., etc.)

(First paragraph) State your reason for writing, the specific position for which you are applying. Also, indicate where you found the position. Say something about why you are applying for this particular job and this company. Mention when you have to start your practical training.

(Middle) The middle, one or two paragraphs, is your opportunity to sell yourself to a prospective employer. Tell the employer about your education, work experience and emphasize your skills and strengths related to the job you are applying for. Mention information other than what is on your CV. (Your résumé states what you have done; the cover letter must integrate this with what you have learned.)

The letter should not have more than three main paragraphs. Your cover letter needs to be short and concise and motivate the reader to read your application. Ensure your cover letter has no misspellings, poor grammar or typos.

(Final paragraph) Express your willingness to have a personal meeting and the possibility to tell more about yourself. You can even write that you will call in a few days to find out if an interview can be arranged. Thank the employer for taking the time to read your letter and résumé.



Your typed name


Enclosure(s)                         refers to enclosed CV, references list, etc.