Job Application Process

Job Application Process

Your job application, which is possibly the first contact with your eventual employer, is of key importance in your job seeking process, together with the interview. The objective of the application is to obtain an interview, and thus should convince the employer of your personality and skills. The aim is to tell the employer why he should be especially interested in you.

Before drafting your application, you should find more information about the company you are applying to. It is good to show that you know something about the business. In this way you can better justify your own usefulness to the company.

Your application letter should always be tailored to the company and employer you are applying to. Never copy applications and send the same version to many different companies. Think separately, which of your skills and characteristics would be suitable for each job?

The application should be addressed to the person who has the power to hire you. Do not send the letter with a general address as it may not reach the right person. The same is true for applying by email. Avoid sending applications to general addresses such as

The documents should be clear, easy to read and have a correct grammar and spelling. It is advisable to have them prove read by another person. A good trick is also to use the words from the job add to highlight your suitability. If you are sending the application documents via E-mail, it is also advisable to name them in a for the employer logical manner, i.e. lastname_firstname_CV-date.

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